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The 3 basic needs of the human is Food, Clothing, and Shelter & for me, other 2 are not that basic but the food is much more important than any other thing. I am the Foodie kind of people love to have the different style of food, different cuisine. If I got any idea there is some hotel with really great food and taste I would be the one to visit it without hesitation.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.   –  James Beard

Me and my friends love coffee every time when we meet.


The food is the similar factor in us, we love to eat as well as we try to keep our body in shape (Only Tries). We all love to explore new places as well as love to taste new appetite so whenever we go anywhere for the journey we select only those places where we can have a good food as well as we can explore that place and enjoy its beauty. I am going to share my story with you guys about my food travel experience. Hope you all like it.

The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.  – Mark Twain

One fine day I was just thinking why not do something different just chill and enjoy the moment. Later that after thinking for a while I just thought to ask my friends about that so I call one of my friends and we meet at Cafe Coffee Day near her place and we ordered some coffee (so obvious) and started chit chatting as we meet after a long time, so we had too many things to catch up what’s going on and what going on in her life and all after everything we came to the point I asked her why don’t we go somewhere and leave the moment as everyone needed some distraction from their day to day life. Listening to my sentence coincidentally, she said I was going to ask everyone about this trip there was a place in Karjat where we can stay and coincidentally long weekend was going to come so we can enjoy our stay there. After listening to her I immediately called all my friends who were going to come to the conference and I discuss that plan overlong discussion the plan was fixed and the date got confirmed.

The day arrived we all meet at Mahim and from there our journey started we were loaded with lots of stuff that too from cooking to boozing.


And our journey continues and we started by 6 pm and reached around 9-10 pm. We reached the destination and we look at the house and we crashed on the bed as we got exhausted with traffic and all that was tiring, so we decided to take a rest for a while, but (you know there is always but and one weird friend in the group who is NEAT FREAK) she just got up and started dusting the house is one of her OCD. So looking at her we all decided to help her and after 20 min the house got cleaned and we started to party the booze & snacks were out and the room got LIT and the fun begins. Everyone started singing various songs, dancing that night was the most marvelous night.

The next day we got up around 10 am and the girls in our group started yakking they don’t want to cook,that was ok, we said we will order the food they again started, we don’t want to eat food after the discussion the conclusion was boys and girls need to work together to prepare the meal that was a nice idea.

So we all started to do some chorus and at the end of the day, we prepare the tastiest food.

That Include Fish, Chicken, Paneer etc. One day I made coffee you know how much I love coffee everyone liked it, On the last day of our trip we all help each other and made french fries and that was the end of our journey.

Here are some memories what we made…





On our way back home the memories of all the fun we had started overflowing and we all reached home safely.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”   – Karl Lagerfeld


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